The mayor of the village is the highest executive body of the municipality, which is elected by the inhabitants of the village in direct elections for a period of 4 years. It is the statutory body of the municipality in the property relations of the municipality and in the labor relations of the employees of the municipality. In administrative relations, it is the administrative body.

Milan Baďanský


Main tasks

  • He calls and conducts meetings of the General Council
  • Performs general administration
  • Represents the municipality in relation to state bodies, legal entities and natural persons
  • Decides on all matters of municipal administration that are not law, municipality statute or other decision reserved to the General Assembly

  • It keeps the general seal and general guard and uses general insignias
  • Signs of generally binding municipal regulations and resolutions of the General Council

Municipality Assembly

Municipality Assembly deputies

  • Ing. Renáta Bačová
  • Bc. Ladislav Bučík
  • Ing. Jarmila Grujbárová
  • Ing. Roman Horváth
  • Ing. Pavol Karaba
  • Mgr. Ľuboš Majer
  • Milan Matušek

Municipality Assembly Commitees

  • Social comittee
  • Sports and public order comittee
  • Education and culture
  • Development of the municipality
  • Assessment of public interest

Chairman of comittee
Bc. Ladislav Bučík

Ing. Renáta Bačová
MUDr. Daniela Cymbalová
Bc. Róbert Hudák

Chairman of comittee
Ing. Roman Horváth

Vice-chairman of comittee
Milan Matušek

Jana Bakošová
Viktor Riegel
Mgr. Martin Sitiar

Chairman of comittee
Mgr.Ľuboš Majer

Jana Bakošová
PaedDr. Alena Jančeková
Bc. Róbert Hudák
Katarína Kopčoková
Roman Plačintár

Chairman of Comittee
Ing. Renáta Bačová

Vice-chairman for financial section
Ing. Jarmila Grujbárová

Vice-chairman for projects section
Ing. Pavol Karaba

Ing. Roman Horváth
Mgr. Ľuboš Majer
Ing. Marianna Bajlová
Peter Čačo
Dr. Ondrej Kubík, PhD.
Ing. Gustáv Kušnír
Mgr. Milada Kováčová

The priority task of the commission is to guide the overall development of the municipality aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens.

The activity of the Commission is divided into five headings:

  • Financial activity
  • Investment
  • Objectives infrastructure
  • Informatization
  • Updating the Economic and Social Development Program

Chairman of the Commission

Ing. Jarmila Grujbárová

The Commission's action in the public interest:

  • It accepts written communications within the scope of Article 7 of Constitutional Act no. 357/2004 Coll. on the protection of the interest in the performance of functions of public officials by the mayor of the municipality, in case of doubt, the commission is entitled to request from the officials concerned explanation

  • It submits to the relevant tax authority to initiate proceedings pursuant to the Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 511/1992 Coll. about the administration of taxes and fees for reviewing the completeness and veracity of written notifications

  • It shall make available information on received written communications in the scope and manner provided for in Article 7, 1 of the Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic no. 211/2000 Coll. about free access to information

  • It submits proposals for the opening of proceedings on the protection of the public interest

  • It investigates the initiation of proceedings for the protection of the public interest Grants exemptions under Article 8, 4 of the Constitutional Act no. 357/2004 Coll. on the protection of interest in the performance of functions of public officials of mayors i, municipalities within one year of termination of duties from the obligations mentioned in Article 8, 1 Constitutional Law. 357/2004 Coll. on the protection of interest in the performance of functions of public officials

  • It monitors the observance of the relevant provisions of the Constitutional Act and the submission of draft CP

Municipality Auditor

The chief inspector of the municipality is JUDr.Mário Vanc, LL.M. who was elected to the office on September 22, 2016 by resolution no. 135/2016 for a period of 6 years.